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It's been a relaxed day for the last couple of days, almost since the last BM got over. It felt like I had some time to breath! Not that I complain on the BM, as it keeps me fully busy, so busy that I hardly get time to even think properly. But I guess I need some days off to even sit and enjoy a relaxed cup of coffee in the mornings, instead of hurried days. 

We have come to a understood pattern with the kid's breakfast and lunch. With her going to the high school, Konda has become such a helpful child. She helps me in most things, mostly by eating whatever I pack, which is a big help. Then she even pacifies her brothers and helps with their homework.

I know I have been saying I will come with a menu for diet and kid's lunch. Just that things seem to have a way of their own and I never get down to make. This Ragi soup was something I make for Athamma with the Ragi flour she ground it and stocked.

This is very similar to the Jowar Vegetable Soup.

Check out how we make Ragi Malt and Ragi Flour at home.

Ingredients Needed:

Finger Millet Flour / Ragi Pindi - 2 tbsp
Carrots, Cabbage, Beans, chopped - 1 cup
Salt to taste
Pepper powder - 1/2 tsp

Method to prepare:

Make the Ragi Flour at home, store it in an air tight container for further usage.
Boil 2 cups of water, when it comes to rolling stage, bring it down. In a bowl take the ragi flour and slowly add the hot water. Blend well. Put it back to heat and bring to boil.

Once it's 75% done, add the chopped vegetables and continue boiling to get the vegetables cooked.

Finally add salt and pepper for taste.

Enjoy this broth for a breakfast or dinner.

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