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Coming to the second Side dish for the week, under BM#57, I have yet another Onam Sadya recipe, The Olan! Though we all love Kerala dishes and make some of them regularly as the Avial etc, few traditional dishes like the Olan, Kootu Curry were never made before. So while preparing for the Kerala Sadya feast, I wanted to make Olan. I conveyed to Amma that I wanted Black eyed Peas to be soaked, I was not sure if I would be making it as the dishes because of time constrain. 

On hearing that Amma had indeed soaked the beans, I decided to go ahead at the last moment. When I read the recipe, I realized it was pretty much easy to make. I used only Pumpkin and Black Eyed Peas in this Olan. Ash gourd is also added, however I forgot to get it.  This Olan recipe is very much similar to the Kerala Stew that is made for the Appam. Guess the vegetables lend a different taste plus some omission seem to matter.

Whatever it is, we ended up enjoying a delicious meal!
Between the coconut milk is homemade, extract fresh from fresh coconut. Though some always complain on the tedious process it becomes extracting the milk from the coconut, I am so used to it as I make Tomato Kurma and Kerala Stew with fresh coconut for Breakfast on alternate Sunday.

I adapted my recipe from here

Olan Recipe - Kerala Olan Recipe 

Preparation Time : 10 minutes
Cooking Time : 20 minutes
Serves : 4

Ingredients Needed:

Cow peas /Black Eyed Beans /Vanpayar - 1/2 cup
Ash gourd /Elavan /Kumbalanga, diced - 1 cup) (I skipped)
Pumpkin /Mathan - 1 cup (diced)
Green chillies, slit lengthwise - 3 to 4 nos
Thin Coconut milk -  1 cup
Thick Coconut milk - 1/4 cup
Curry leaves : a sprig
Coconut oil : 1 tbsp (I used regular oil)
Salt to taste

How to make Olan

Soak the black eyed beans overnight. When using, change water couple of times, then pressure cook for 3 whistles with enough water.

Peel outer skin of the vegetables and chop into small pieces.

Once the pressure falls down, add the chopped vegetables and add the thin coconut milk into it. Pressure cook for another whistle.

Once the pressure falls, simmer and add salt and green chilies. Cook for 5 - 7 mins.

once the vegetables are cooked well; add the thick coconut milk into it.

Reduce the fire to low and stir it slowly until the mix is cooked well and remove from the fire.

Season with coconut oil and a sprig of curry leaves.

Mix well and cover it and allow it to stand for 10-20 minutes before serving.

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