Onion Msemen | Moroccan Stuffed Onion Flatbread

We are on the final day of Breakfasts across the countries and this last one really eluded me till the end. Though I cooked it the day before yesterday, I was sure I will have enough time to write about it and write in detail. 

It was one of the reasons why I have four posts for this flatbread. Out of all flatbreads that I have made, this was the most liked and voted. Everybody loved it so much.

The flatbread was crispy, yet soft and flaky too. 

Though I had planned on writing so much, I am drained of energy to write anything beyond this. I adapted from this and this.

How to make Rghaif, the Moroccan Pastry Dough
Moroccan Msemen, Square Shaped Moroccan Pancakes served with Honey Butter Syrup
and finally the Onion stuffed Msemen for the elders.

I hope you enjoyed all the dishes that were cooked as part of the Buffet on Table. Come back on Monday for a new topic!

Onion Msemen

Follow the steps to make the Rghaif, Moroccan Pastry Dough.

Then once it rested, divide into equal balls. 

Proceed to make msemen.

For folding and cooking the msemen:

Oil - 1 & 1/2 cups
Fine semolina - 1/2 cu[
Unsalted butter

For the Onion Stuffing:

Onions - 2 medium
Carrot, grated - 1 cup
Green Chilies - 2 medium
Cumin powder - 1/2 tsp
Turmeric powder a pinch
Red Chili powder - 3/4 tsp
Oil for cooking

How to make the Stuffing:

Chip the onions really fine. Heat a pan with oil, saute the onions along with finely chopped green chilies. 

Then add the grated carrot, simmer and add salt and spice powders. Let it cook till soft and keep it aside.

How to make the Onion Msemen

Once the Rghaif is rested and ready, you can make both the plain and stuffed Msemen

For the folding and rolling out:

Dip your hands in oil and grease the surface of the rolling board. 

Roll out as thin as possible. Do with soft butter and sprinkle semolina all over. 

Place a spoonful of onion stuffing in the centre of the rolled out thin disc. spread it evenly and start covering it from the left and right to make the square disc.

First time we followed as instructed and used the rolling pin. The outer layer was really so thin that it got struck to the pin. 

You can see the difference in the step by step pictures. Next we patted it down as we do with Sweet Poli and the result was amazing. We still managed to keep the square shape intact and the msemen came out great.

Heat a tawa and cook this on both sides until it turns crispy and well cooked.

This can be eaten as such!

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