The Diet Plan!

I am really glad that my Diet program was welcomed so wholehearted. That really encourages me so much. As I said before, this is purely a diet based on Indian food, especially South Indian. Not to say it won't work for the rest who follow other Indian Cuisine. I say this assuming Rice is the staple food of your diet.

As much as I don't prefer to eat rice, that's the most convenient thing to make in the mornings. So planning to make phulkas in the rush hour really takes lot of planning.

So first I will list out what I did in my first stint. Then will update how my day was. What has to be understood is, you got to first five a shock or break the practice your body has got used too. So stop or change what you have been regularly eating.

First and foremost important thing to remember is to drink lot of liquid. You can include 3 glasses of Buttermilk, 2 glasses of Lemon juice, 1 glass of Tender coconut milk plus about 4 glasses of water. Yes you will be paying lot of visits to restroom, but believe me that helps. Else you will end up having headaches.

List below are the different options one can have. It doesn't mean you have to eat everything on the specified time.

Early morning, (6 - 6.30 am) 1 Tsp of Ajwain/ Omam & Methi Seeds. This is to aid constipation and help slow absorption.

7 am - Warm water / Coffee with Sugar Free

9 am Breakfast - Multi grain / whole wheat 2-3 slices with mint or tomato chutney with cucumber. 
Or Papaya 1 bowl/ Oats with buttermilk with sprouts small cup 
Or 1 Moong Dal dosa or Pesarattu.(this is made without rice, it comes out soft but tastes great) with some chutney not coconut of course. Plus fresh Tomato Juice

After a period I started having Bread with Veg soups in the morning also. It worked perfectly fine.

11 am Tender coconut/ Butter milk or Pomegranate (if eating that)

1 pm Lunch :

Vegetable Salad
Cooked vegetable
Green Leafy Vegetable
Toasted Papad
Chapati/ Phulka -2

4 pm - Lemon juice (You can have tea if you drink it)

5. 30 - 6 pm: Any of the below can be taken

1 cup of boiled sundals or Apple or Guava or Paneer tikkas (not the usual ones..:))

7 pm  - 1 bowl of Soup

8 pm - Two slices of brown bread / Veg salads/ 1 Pessarattu / Chapati with Salad and Fruit

Fruits : Guava is the only fruit that can be had every day. Apple or Pomegranate can be had twice in a week.

Milk: I normally use a low fat milk. It is 3 or 4% fat and moreover I double boil the milk. Remove the whey both from milk and curds/ Yogurt.

My work scheduled never allowed me to have this. So I used to drink my soup along with Bread and some fresh salad between 8 - 8.30 pm

The above list was what I wrote down for myself. It varied on day to day basis. Most important aspect being I understood what my daily calorie requirement was. I ensured I wasn't getting fatigued. If you are not sure how to calculate it, just follow a low fat, no sugar avoiding rice. That should mostly work out.

Most important. 40 - 1 hr of physical exercise everyday. Atleast 30 mins is a must.

Now we come to the most exciting part. Since you diet on 6 days, on Sunday you can cheat. Meaning you can eat rice. But you may again avoid heavy breakfast.

Over the months I have made modification to this diet. But since the first few months I was following this to the T, I have listed it exactly.

My next task will be to link the recipes that I follow.

My schedule today was this

6.15 am - 6.30 Warm ups (Was trying hard to bend..:))
6.30 am Coffee with milk bikes
10 am 3 slices of brown bread
11 am Buttermilk with a pinch of salt
2.30 pm 3 phulkas with Gongura pappu, Cluster beans with Channa dal. Butter milk
4.30 pm 1/2 cup papaya and banana
5.45 pm 1 small orange
8 pm Moong dal salad

I know my diet today wasn't what I have listed above. But I am not yet fully ready for the diet. Meaning to make it more strict.

I have written whatever I have been following. I might be changing what I think needs based on the requirement.

For starters, I am going to follow this very strictly for 2 weeks. I have about 10 people who have said they wanted to join me. If you like you can update your daily journal on your blog. Or change the pattern. There is no strict rule for this.

Will try to put the pal in a table tomorrow, it is really very late today.
All the best to everybody!

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