Announcing Indian Cooking Challenge!

Growing up I always remember looking forward to all our traditional festivals and more so to the delicious dishes that are made for the occasion. Each festival has specific sweets and savories. And Amma goes all the nine yards to get them done. I have enjoyed so much being a part of the helping hand for her. Of course, I was the sole person enjoying all those treats before anybody gets to taste. Even now thinking of the fun, makes me get so nostalgic.

Over the years, this tradition was seen giving way to new ones. We then saw home cooks learning all the traditional dishes, who would come home and make for us. Those typical Kai Muruku, Badursha etc. Then came a period, when even getting a home cook making these seem a waste of energy. But the cycle repeats right. Amma now makes whatever she can at home, rest when I remember that I got to learn, I ask her to teach me. Like the Kaja, we all love that so much. We just stopped making them, as its so time consuming. But I loved the experience of making it all myself and finally recording it too.

I have had many readers ask for authentic recipes. I have sent Amma's recipes to them, saying though I haven't personally tried them, I have tasted the results and every time it turned out awesome. When I realized this, I was feeling funny that I had never taken up the challenge to make them myself.

I am sure many of you feel the same as I have felt. Many of you would love to learn the authentic dishes that our elders made. Would want our children enjoy these treats the same way as we did as kids. While I was asking Amma to teach me those treasured recipes, it struck me that I really don't know many of the traditional festival food. I would love to learn them, especially in my current hectic schedule, I may not be inspired enough to take up the task. But throw a challenge, then I all for it.

Naturally I thought so would many of you. You all must be having your family treasured recipes that you have not made yourself yet. I know making those authentic forgotten dishes, learning them would surely spice our life enough! Don't you agree?

Come join us if you are game for it!

This event is going to be called Indian Cooking Challenge! and below is the logo

Indian Cooking Challenge Rules:
The posting date is 15th of every month!
Other details:

The members will be choosing an authentic recipe to work out for the month. A Tried and tested recipe will be given to the members and they will have to try it out and post it end of the month.

Yeah yeah, you can say I got inspired by the Daring Bakers group! But I wanted it to be based on an Indian theme, hence trying out our Indian authentic dishes!

Please confirm in the comment section your interest to be part of this event. I am still working on the list of recipes and once I have the members, hopefully I should be able to get a comprehensive one which will be challenging. Your ideas are most welcome, so please share them.

Those interested to contribute to the list of dishes that are complex in your cuisine, kindly list them out in the comment section. I will take a complete list and put it for polling!

Expecting your enthusiast participation!
Update: Those interested to join this group, please read through the rules and leave your email id for me to contact you. Without email ids, its very difficult for me to communicate!

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