Kid's Delight Host List

Below are the details of my blogger friends who have so graciously accepted to guest host my Kid's Delight Event on their Blog. Their announcement and round up details will be updated when they post it.

Host List for 2016
MonthHostessRound up
January 2016PJBaked Snacks
February 2016KalyaniChocolate
March 2016SapanaSnacks for Toddlers
April 2016Priya SrinivasanBrunch Ideas for Kids 
May 2016KalyaniSummer Coolers
June 2016Archana PotdarSoups and salads
July 2016PavaniLunchbox Recipes
August 2016Nisha Sundar
September 2016SrivalliAnniversary Party
October 2016Varada
November 2016Archana PotdarBirthday Snacks
December 2016Srividhya GopalakrishnanCakes and Cookies for kids

Host List for 2015
MonthHostessRound up
January 2015PJSay Cheese
February 2015VaradaColourful Dishes
March 2015Nisha SundarBeat the Summer
April 2015Mireille Creamy Foods 
May 2015Sandhya Ramakrishnan Snacking all the way
June 2015HariniFruits in any form
July 2015PJCooking from Kids Story Books/TV shows
August 2015Lavina AgarwalHealthy Breakfast
September 2015SrivalliAnniversary Party
October 2015KalyaniCooking with whole grains  
November 2015Srividhya GopalakrishnanPastas for Kids
December 2015Priya SrinivasanParty Pleasers - Finger Food

Host List for 2014
MonthHostessRound up
January 2014PJBaked Treats
February 2014SowmyaAfter school snacks / tiffin
March 2014Gayathri KumarChocolates
April 2014Priya SureshFat free kid's friendly recipes
May 2014Jayanthi PadmanabhanLunch box series
June 2014KalyaniIron rich recipes for kids
July 2014HariniHealthy Snacks Box Recipes
August 2014SapanaHealthy Desserts for Kids
September 2014SrivalliAnniversary Party
October 2014Srivalli Nuts n Legumes for Lunchbox Friendly
November 2014Mireille Pizza n Pastas
December 2014Sandhya Ramakrishnan Holiday special recipes (for Christmas and New Year)

Host List for 2013
MonthHostessRound up
January 2013PJHealthy Lunch Box
February 2013KamalikaBack to Hostel Food
March 2013Preeti GargStreet Food
April 2013Pavani5 Ingredient Fix
May 2013SowmyaSweet Treats
June 2013KalyaniFinger food for Kids Party
July 2013MireilleSummer Special
August 2013Nisha SundarAfter School Bites - Part 1
After School Bites - Part 2
September 2013SrivalliPotluck Party
October 2013PradnyaNutritional food
November 2013SowmyaFestival Sweets in 1 hour
December 2013SandhyaCooking with Whole grains

Host List for 2012
MonthHostessRound up
January 2012 KaviSomething Sweet - Part 1
Something Sweet - Part 2
February 2012Priya SureshEggless or Vegan Bakes
March 2012RujutaEasy to make Snacks under 30 mins
April 2012NupurFruits
May 2012Smitha JogaWhat Kids like for...Summer!
June 2012Vardhini KoushikEvening Snacks/ Tiffin
July 2012PradnyaWarm foods
August 2012VaishaliChocolates
September 2012SrivalliKids Party
October 2012RasyaHealthy Makeover
November 2012Archana PotdarStory Book Special
December 2012VeenaDesserts

Host List for  2011
MonthHostessRound up
February 2011ChampaRestaurant Remakes
March 2011 No Eggs/ No Butter or Ghee/ No Sugar
April 2011MinaHealthy Vegetarian n Colourful recipe using fruit and vegetable
May 2011PJCool Comforts
June 2011ChampaMini Bites
July 2011Gayathri KumarCrunchy Snacks
August 2011Kamalika Cooking without Fire - Roundup 1
Cooking without Fire - Roundup 2
September 2011SrivalliParty Food
October 2011HariniDressing Up Leftovers
November 2011PavaniDeceptively Delicious
December 2011VeenaColourful Palette
If you are interested to host this event, please leave a comment.


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