Fruit Salad with Mint Lemon Drizzle

For the final week of BM#65, I opted to make Kids Delight themed on Soups and Salads. Now I know I am not a great soup or salad person and given a chance would always miss it out. At least my kids like soup, so I have made some soups for them in the past. However non of us are big on those actual salads other than the simple Indian Version.

When I was thinking about what to make for the kids on this theme, I naturally wanted to select dishes that they will enjoy. I remember my SIL talking about Fruits salads all the time and how her kids love it. I wanted to experiment the same with mine as well and wanted to include some dressing as well.
Today's Salad is with Fruits. I got all the fruits that were avialble and those I like. I wanted to make as bite size cubes, then opted for this size. 

The drizzle is a simple version of a thin sugar syrup flavoured with lemon and mint. Mint used is ground and cooked in the sugar syrup and finally the lemon is added to make a clear dressing.

I used Mangoes, Apple, Pineapple, Watermelon, Pomagranate, Kiwi.

The colourful combination of fruits along with the drizzle was an awesome combination.

Sending these to Archana who is hosting this month's Kid's Delight Edition, themed on Soups and Salads

If you are interested in Homemade Sauces, checkout this Butterscotch Sauce that can also be drizzled over this!

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