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For the final day of BM#64, under Summer Coolers, I have a Mint Lemonade. What's so funny about the whole post is that it's been raining nonstop for two days and I ended up making it at the last moment. When Konda saw me making it, she asked why I was making a cooler during winter. I asked her again and she realized we are in a midst of Kathri, the hottest month of the year and so unexpectedly we have rains now.

Madras has the most wonderful climate. Though many are under the misconception that it is always hot, I would like to debate on that and this year I have heard so many who have visited different parts of India, come back and claim Madras climate was so much better. Another wonderful fact is that we get rains at any point of the year. 

Still rains in May is something that's happening after 10 years. So it is so much cherished. And that didn't stop me from making this Minty Lemonade. I was supposed to make it during the weekend. So the mint leaves withered and I was forced to use it still.  

Sending these to my buddy PJ who has helped me out by hosting this month's Kid's Delight Edition, themed on Summer Coolers.

While I was posting it on Instagram, Konda wanted me to caption it witty. Well, when needed my wit deserts me.

Blogger craziness is making a summer cooler when it is pouring outside #foodblogger #instafoodblogger #refreshingdrink #summercooler #lemonade
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Mint Lemonade:

There is not much a recipe here.

Lemon - 1
Mint leaves - handful
Sugar - 2 to 3 tsp
Ice Cubes

Squeeze the juice, mix in sugar, blend the mint leaves to make a paste. Add lemon juice, mint paste, sugar and water. Mix everything. Serve on rocks!

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