Zatpat Besan Boondi Laddu | How to make Quick Boondi Ladoo

Zatpat Besan Boondi Laddu - A to Z Maharashtrian Sweets

I never realized the last letter to cross will be a tough one. I was well prepared for rest of the series and procrastinated for the last one, thinking it is such an easy one as the name says, that I could cook the day before. It surely was an easy one to make, however, I didn't take other things into consideration like the internet dying on me. Just as I was about to publish this post, internet stopped working.

Anyway, I guess I can take things easy at times. While making the list, Z was a letter that eluded me for a long time. Everybody who suggested kept talking about Zunka. I had to keep reminding them that I was doing a series on Maharashtrian Sweets.
Then Pradnya suggested this recipe for a quick Boondi Laddoo using Besan. Her mom makes this whenever there was a need to make Boondi Laddo Zatpat and so this is called Zatpat, which means quick. We also use words like fatafat or this term at times, maybe more on the influence of Hindi on us. 

This recipe takes about 20 to 30 mins, and the Zatpat refers more the Boondi Laddu Style one getting done quickly. I am not very fond of sweets though I am partial to some homemade sweets. However from the shops I love Son papdi and Motichoor Laddoo, though in small bites. 

I have already made Boondi Laddo before, so making one quickly was a nice experience as well.

Zatpat Besan Boondi Laadu

Ingredients Needed:

Besan Flour - 2 cups 
Salt - 1 tsp
Cardamom powder - 1 tsp 
Powdered sugar - 1.5 cups
Ghee - 3/4 cup 
All-purpose flour for dusting
Roasted nuts 

How to make the Zatpat Besan Boondi Laddu

In a bowl, take the besan flour, Salt, Cardamom powder, 2 tbsp of ghee with some water to make pliable dough like chapati.

Dust the dough with enough flour, roll out pooris. Size doesn't matter here as we will be crushing it.

In a nonstick pan, heat rest of the ghee and deep fry the pooris to golden brown

Allow to cool and then pulse in a mixer to form a coarse mixture.

Add remaining ghee from the pan as required along with powdered sugar, roasted nuts. Start with 1 cup sugar, add remaining as per taste.

Make balls with your hands to bind them as laddoos

Store in airtight container. 

The dough might end up sticky, so dust well with flour. 

If you find making the balls hold their shape, blend along with ghee and sugar in the mixer for a couple of minutes. It will be easier to make balls.

This ladoo tastes like a boondi laadoo while these do look like besan laddoo.

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