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We are on N today and I had choices like NaraLi Paak and Naralachi Vadi, where both the dishes are same, with just the name change. I have a Coconut Paak or Vadi. We are on N today and I had choices like NaraLi Paak and Naralachi Vadi, where both the dishes are same, with just the name change. I have a Coconut Paak or Vadi, I have a Coconut Ladoo as well. I also have a Narali Bhat or Sweet Coconut rice, much like the Sakkarai pongal or bellam paramannam. I am not able to find that recipe and wonder if I have posted it or not. I also have a coconut ladoo, maybe I am yet to post it. It was quite confusing trying to look back into my index to figure out. 

I wanted to pick up recipes that are not common across states, though that's not possible with sweets. And with the clause of AtoZ happening it was extremely tough. So I had to stick with what best option I had. 
Also, I make Narali Bhat differently and with much less time. However to make sure I follow the way it is prepared, I cooked exactly as how it was said. The taste was as expected, very delicious, however, next time I will follow my pressure cooker way. This surely makes a wonderful Neivedyam.

This was also part of my weekend marathon cooking. So with so many other sweets to enjoy, hubby dear and Konda refused to even look at this dish which according to them was regular Sakkarai pongal. So I shared it with Amma, Athamma and rest enjoyed it all by myself. Of course, you should have seen the looks my boys were giving me. That weird look that said what is she crazy in dishing out so many sweets but nothing for us to eat, and that too on a weekend. I just said you either eat this and be on the sideline. This is for the Mega BM and I can't afford to slip on my schedule. Well as if they understand what Mega BM is!

I have stopped explaining my BM schedules to them, even though Konda keeps following the linky tool and checks the other posts. The first day she was confused and asked why Vaishali aunty was posting something different and not Maharastrain Sweets. I again had to explain her about this theme. I am not sure if she understood, her looks said we were crazy!

Anyway, I am happy if she just enjoys my sweets and not bother about the theme much!

 Narali Bhat

Ingredients Needed:

Raw Rice - 3/4 cup 
Water - 1 and 1/2 cup 
Fresh coconut, scraped 1 cup 
Jaggery grated - 1 cup (reduce or increase as per taste)
Ghee - 2 + 1 tbsp 
Cloves - 2-3 nos
Cardamom Powder a pinch 
Mixed dry fruits and nuts (cashews, almonds, raisins) - 1/2 cup
Saffron strands few


Wash the rice and soak for 30 mins. 

Heat a nonstick pan with 2 tbsp ghee. Add cloves, saute for few seconds. Add washed rice, and saute for a couple of minutes over medium heat. While sauteing rice, boil 1 and 1/2 cup water on another stove-top. 

Add hot water to the rice. Cover and cook the rice. Once rice is cooked completely, put it on a big plate and spread evenly to cool down.

Gently, mix the coconut and grated jaggery in a bowl. Once rice becomes warm, add coconut-jaggery mixture to it. Fluff the rice with the fork and mix with coconut jaggery mixture. 

Heat a deep heavy bottom pan. Add 1 tbsp ghee to it. Fry almonds, cashew nuts, and raisins. Remove with a slotted spoon. Turn the heat to low. Now add rice-coconut-jaggery mixture. Add cardamom powder. Cover with a tight lid for atleast 15 minutes. Stir occasionally.

Once rice becomes dry, add fried nuts. Add little ghee while serving. 


Even with 1 cup jaggery, I felt the sweetness was mild, so increase as per taste.

So ensure you cook the rice completely, else by the end of the second stage the rice will become hard. 

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