Creamy Corn Broccoli Fusilli

For the second day of cooking pasta for kids, I made an instant snack with Fusilli and some vegetables. With school being closed for over 10 days now, kids are so bored and being unable to cook anything different, Konda got so bugged and said she will not eat dosa or sambar for next unaccountable time. 

So I had to quickly make this pasta and to make it healthy, I add broccoli and corn. And the final touch was the grated cheese that made it very inviting.

Sending this to Kids Delight, guest hosted this month by Srividya, themed on Pastas for Kids

Creamy Corn Broccoli Fusilli

Ingredients Needed:

Fusilli Pasta - 1 cup
Broccoli - few florets
Corn Kernels - 2 tbsp
Butter - 1 tbsp
Salt to taste
Red chili flakes
Italian Seasoning.

How to make the pasta

Boil the pasta with twice its amount water and cook till done.

In a non stick pan, add butter, then add broccoli and corn. Saute till cooked. Now add the cooked pasta, all the seasoning. Adjust for spice and add the pasta water.

Add grated cheese and stir together.

Finally serve the pasta with grated cheese on top.

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