How to Sprout Moth Beans | Matki Sprouts for Misal Pav

When I decided to make Misal Pav, which called for Moth Beans, I was wondering if I could use Moong Sprouts. Pradnya told me that Moong sprouts won't hold its shape and I could think of using mixed sprouts. We do get Moth Beans or Matki here, however since I do not use it much, I was wondering if I should get the whole lot.

After sprouting, Hubby dear happen to see this and said the sprouts are very good and he wants it served on a regular basis. We quite often sprout different grains and beans. Moong Sprouts are the most common, while I have gone and sprouted Wheat as well.

These days we can get sprouts off the shelf. However I prefer sprouting at home. Sprouting at home makes it very healthy and gives an option to sprout how much you want.

To Sprout the Matki

Wash and soak matki (moth beans) for 6-7 hrs in water (I soaked it overnight)

Next day change water couple of times, drain the beans and tie it in a muslin cloth. I normally rinse the tie bag in fresh water and let it stand in a bowl with lid covered on the kitchen counter.

It takes about 12 - 15 hrs for the sprouts to come out. I kept it out for the whole day, and I had it ready for making the Misal Pav for dinner.

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