How to fix colours and light in your image using Picasa

For the day 2 under Blogging 101, I will be talking about how to improve your photo colour and lighting after clicking your pictures.

All my pictures are shot indoors, most times during night time. Offlate when I am planning weekend cooking, I do take my pictures in the day time, still indoors only. I have a bay window that is now cleared up and acts as my studio. The Bay window has light coming from all three sides, it has a white blinds with a big plywood that acts as a bouncer for the entire setup. 

I have used my Pakistani Garam masala for showcasing today's Blogging 101. These pictures were clicked around 1 pm.

I always shoot in Manual Mode, with the fixed ISO and focal ratio.

The picture is shot at ISO 800, f/5.0, 1/100. I normally never change this settings. The only thing I change is the shutter speed, depending on the light inflow.

The above picture is an unmodified picture, downloaded and shared without any changes. 

Observe how bright the picture looks. I had quite a bright day that day. However I didn't notice that the picture got dimmed when I took a closeup shoot of the small bowl. 

Refer the picture below. Remember both are clicked within seconds and both unmodified.

I do not have the luxury of transferring and checking on the pictures right away.  When I downloaded these pictures after a day, I noticed that this closeup picture was dull.

So I use Picasa to do Fill Light and Hightlight.

While other advanced tools gives us more options, I have felt I am much more comfortable using Picasa.

Do share if you have any other useful tool for this.

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