Banoffee Pie Recipe | How to make Mini Banoffee Pie

When we had done the BM International Cuisine, I desperately wanted to make this Banoffee Pie. Since my England dish was done almost in the beginning and couldn't redo a different dish, I had to keep this Banoffee Pie on hold. As such this has been on my to do list for such a long time.

Even now I wasn't sure I will pull off this, as it has become extremely tough to cook anything other than the regular food during weekdays. I somehow managed. Have I introduced my sous chef? Well my assistant photographer has climbed up the ladder to become my sous chef now. She is doubling as both at present. Since this seem to be a late night affair, I didn't want to disturb her. However she realized that I was going to make something and was very upset that I was setting out for my adventure without her.

So she joined me, and wanted to link something or the other at each stage. And before I forget, Peddu had to share something to me this evening when I was feeding them their dinner. He said he came up with something and suddenly says Ammamma Restaurant, referring to my Amma and Srivalli Cake Bar. Well Konda wanted to know where that Bar came into picture. He said he liked both the names. 

Anyway, our night adventure came quickly to an end, with me whipping out the cream and teaching Konda how one twists the badminton twists, which is helpful in whipping the cream. She was happy that she finally got to help with something and took a promise that she will be the person to taste this dessert. So I am sorry that I can't yet share the sliced picture of this Banoffee Pie, will surely update the post again with the sliced pie!

Until then, drool over this and even better make it yourself!

Banoffee Pie

Ingredients Needed:

For the Pie layer

Digestive Biscuits - 15 nos
Butter, soft - 1 tbsp

For the Toffee Layeer

Sweetened Condesed Milk - 1 cup
Butter - 1 tsbp
Brown Sugar - 2 -3 tsp

For the other layers

Bananas, sliced - 1 cup
Whipped cream -1 cup
Chocolat shavings for garnish

How to make the Banoffee Pie

Grease a Pie tray and keep it aside.

Break and take the digestive biscuits in a mixer and pulse well till you get soft powder. Add soft butter and mix well.

Transfer to the graased pie trays and press well. Refregerate till done.

For the Toffee layer, heat a non stick pan with butter, add brown sugar and mix well. When the sugar melts, add the condensed milk in stages and blend well, till it becomes a thick toffee consistency.

Quickly transfer this to the pie and spread well.

Slice the banana and sprinkle lemon juice to prevent colouring.

On this layer, add a layer of sliced banana pieces. 

Whip the cream till it peaks, then spread on the banana and refregerate till it sets. 

Slice and serve!

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