How to make Fry Sauce ~ Dip for French Fries

Under Pick one, Do three, I had selected three pages from Wiki and asked everybody to select one page from which they can do three posts. The three pages were related to Sauces, Food stubs and Bread Stubs. Seeing what my friends had done for the last two weeks, I thought it was either going to be bread or food for me. I was yet to decide and was harping on the fast that I would pick up something this week and cook over the weekend. 

With the trip planned for the Sankranthi and not having done anything on the other blog, I was left with nothing done. I had to decide fast and it was Sauce that was finally decided. Since I knew whatever I cook, if I was planning on getting it enjoyed and done with, it had to be something kids related. So it was!
The first sauce for today is a sauce called Fry Sauce, surprisingly this is a sauce that's served along with French Fries, Burgers etc. Imagine my surprise knowing this one. I wanted to try it right away. Then it required mayonnaise, so I ended up making eggless mayonnaise again for this sauce.

Making Fry Sauce is so simple, it only requires handful of ingredients.
Fry Sauce for French Fries

Ingredients Needed

Eggless Mayonnaise - 1/2 cup
Hot and Sweet Tomato Ketchup - 2 -3 tbsp
Vinegar - 1 tsp
Black pepper as required

How to make the sauce

In a bowl, mix in the eggless mayonnaise, vinegar, ketcup and pepper. Stir well and serve with French Fries.


This sauce is originally made with regular Tomato Ketchup, I used H&S to make it more spicy.

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