Mashed Potato with Burnt Tomatoes and Chillie from Nagaland

We are continuing the next journey into another North East State, Nagaland. Needless to say, this was another state that gave us all nightmares. I was on an eternal search for dishes that could be made by a vegetarian. Though it was wonderful to read about these states, finding a dish that we can make, especially with the proportion or what has actually gone into it was so tough. 

Naga food is mostly about Rice, Bamboo, fresh leaves, boiled vegetables, meat. They also use a lot of sauces and chutneys, that are supposed to be very spicy. There are some popular dishes that have more of nonveg in them. I had even short-listed a dessert that falls under the bread variety, called as the Koat Pitha. This is a sweet dish prepared with bananas, rice flour, and jaggery. However, after finding a chutney from here, I was in no mood to try another dish that didn't have any proper method explained.

I came about this site and I was so happy that I could finally find a chutney at least to help me cross over. The writer wrote about mashed potatoes that have a mix of roasted chilies, tomatoes. And another burnt tomatoes and chili chutney. She wrote that she sometimes mixes the mashed potato with this chutney along with the burnt skin and that makes this very unique and rustic. So I ended up mixing both the dishes and came up with this combination that made a great pair with poori. 

When you add the burnt tomato skin, it surely adds a rustic and different taste to the aloo. And if you happen to have ripe green chilies, the taste is surely very different. We don't normally get the ripe green chilies, at times when we forget a batch, it finally becomes ripe and I mostly use it for chutneys. 

Though I couldn't meet my Bread requirement, I felt I compensated by pairing it with poori..:)

Mashed Potato with Burnt Tomatoes and Chilli

Ingredients Needed

Potatoes - 1 large
Oil - tsp 
Ripe green chilies - 3 - 4 (can use green chilies as well)
1 tomato

How to make the Chutney

MW the potato for 6 mins. Soak and peel the skin off. Roughly mash the potato with hands. Add salt to it and mix again.

Meanwhile, apply the tomato with oil and burn it over the flame. Let it get cooked all over, till the skin starts peeling away. Continue for a couple of more minutes.

Finely chop the chilies, add to the potato along with mashed tomato. Mix everything well. 

Serve with Pooris

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