How to make Almond Slivers ~ Quick and easy method

We are entering into third week of BM#37 and I decided to do Kitchen Basics. Somehow I am very fond of Basics, be it a paste, powder or anything that would aid a dish. I define a basic in many ways. Sometimes the spice powders in Indian Cuisine become a basic. However the best definition can be something that can't be a dish on it's own, but aid another dish. 

I know each would have a different view on these. In my kitchen, I resort to so many quick fixes that aid my cooking. Most times it's either in form of pastes, powders, even sauces or entire batch of curry masalas. For today's post, I really can't call it a complete post as it is such a simple dish. However for the technically aspect, it falls under a basic thing and I wanted to share it.

A while ago when I was in baking spree, I had to use these almond slivers couple of time. When there are things that need to be done couple of times, I always end up thinking how to do it easier and in much quicker way. So decided to make these slivers in huge batch and store for future bakes. It surely came handy!

This gets done really quick in MW and though it requires your constant attention, it really works out much easier than the regular baking method.

How to make Almond Slivers in MW

Take the almonds in a MW safe bowl. MW for 1 min and let it sit for 30 secs to a min. When you handle the almond the outer jacket will easily peel off.

Remove all the skin and chop it into juliennes very finely. It's easier to chop it finely when the almonds are still warm.

In a baking tray, spread it evenly and in spouts 30 secs, MW the almonds with a gap of 10 secs between each spout.

You can toss it around evenly in intervals. It takes about a min to 1 & 1/2 min to get the crispy Almond slivers.


I used my regular baking tray to do this. It is NOT advisable to use trays that are meant for convectional baking. I use it as I know how long I can keep it. I suggest you either use MW safe bowls or plates to do this.

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