Sajjalu Idli / Bajra Idli ~ Diabetic Diet

We are starting the second week of Blogging Marathon Edition 35. For this week I have opted to make Healthy Dishes, specific to one program. With so many Diabetes diet and related articles, it is only natural that I want to make dishes for this. Catering to diabetic diet, we end up changing our life style and food style. 

We have to constantly plan on substituting ingredients that are specific to diabetic diet. One has to include more whole grains and we end up cooking more of Jowar, Bajra, Millets etc. Breakfast is always important for everybody. More so for diabetics as they will have to eat small portions in frequently intervals. In attempts to make an ideal breakfast menu, along with Athamma I had planned on making idlis to replace the idlis that I make with rice. 

We wanted to experiment with Bajra and she had soaked the Bajra seeds for over six hours when we had soaked rice for the regular idlis. The idea was to replace the Rice batter with Bajra, use Urad dal batter as it's very healthy. Urad dal was soaked for both this and the other batter. Once the urad dal is ground, we add ground bajra batter and mix as regularly done and fermented.
The idlies turned out porous and soft. Just to aid proper cooking, added a pinch of soda just before pouring into the idli moulds.

Though I have showed groundnut chutney I actually served it with sambar. The chutneys also matter a lot.

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Sajjalu Idli / Bajra Idli ~ Diabetic Diet

Soaking - 6 hrs
Fermentation - Overnight
Makes - 4 -5 nos

Ingredients Needed:

Sajjalu Rava - 1 cup
Urad Dal batter - 1/2 cup
Salt to taste
Soda a pinch

How to make the Idlis

Sajjalu Rava: Soak Bajra in water for couple of hours, and dry them completely. Then pulse them coarsely in your mixer to get the rava. Making this into smaller grains makes it easy to grind later. We normally get this done and stored to use it for later period.

Wash Bajra rava and soak for 6 hrs. Mix in ground urad dal batter and let it ferment

Just before making idlis add salt and soda and pour into idli moulds. Steam as you normally do with regular Idli batter.

Serve with Sambar.

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