I for Iced Chocolate Chip Shortbread

There were handful of letters that eluded me for a while and I was one among the lot. This had me thinking for a while, as not only was missing out on few letters, I had fixed them on specific themes. so it was to be I under Baked. Now had it been I under regional dishes, I could easily have got many. However my Regional quota was all used up!

And as I had said I was making sure that I didn't use adjectives or pronouns. Everything meant that I got myself in a soup. Finally I decided that I had to take only option left out and that was using a recipe that had Icing sugar finally used up and named as such. This inspiration is from the Eggless Baking that Vaishali gifted us. It's almost like a ritual every night. 

Years ago, I remember always reading some book before hitting the bed. Now it's become imperative that I read cookbooks before sleeping. Hubby dear thought it was funny, however I wasn't about to give up on this practice. So for at least ten minutes, I would spend reading on couple of cookbooks, even if it was just glancing through them.

So I remember seeing a recipe with name starting with I and knowing I am running short of ideas, I decided to do that. I made this during this weekend and ended up changing quite a few as I went on with the recipe. The original recipe didn't' have chocolates in it, naturally I added hoping my boys would be tempted to taste it. But no such luck. However everybody else who tasted it, simply loved it. Especially Amma, whose expression simply stated the bliss this tasting gave her!

It is finally Iced Chocolate chip Shortbread for I.
The next day when I was cooking another letter, I happened to share the secret of this ABC cooking with Konda. She was stunned that I could be doing something like that this and wanted to know each letter. I rhymed on each letter and she was grinning end of the song. Later at night, she was curious to know which letter I was working on. Hubby dear saw us and wanted to know what we were up to. I hushed her saying she has to keep it a secret! I am waiting when I will reveal to him on this adventure!

Iced Chocolate Chip Shortbread

Ingredients Needed:

All purpose Flour / Maida - 1 cup
Semolina/ Rava - 1/2 cup
Butter - 3/4 cup
Castor Sugar - 1 cup
Icing Sugar - 1 cup
Almond - 10 nos

Chocolate Chips - as required
Decorating hearts as required

How to make Iced Chocolate Chip Shortbread

In a bowl mix cream the butter along with castor sugar, till it is light and fluffy.

Add the flour and semolina and mix well. Add the chocolate chips and combine everything well.

Grease a baking tray and transfer to the tray and pat it down well.

Garnish with almond slivers on top

Pre heat the oven at 185 C and bake for 30 - 35 mins.

After about 25 mins, you can check if this set. If the batter is still moving, continue baking for 10 more mins.

Once the baking is done, let it cool down.

Mix the icing sugar with cold water and gently pour over the cooled dish. Garnish the hearts over it and let it set.


Though the original recipe called for 1 cup of butter I used only less than 3/4 cup, still it was very buttery.

Serving this with either ice cream or pudding will really make this better. Eating it as such was too sweet.

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