D for Dark Chocolate Frosting

When it came to the letter D, I was really elated as it so happened that I had managed to cover 3 letters in one shot. It was Amma's birthday and I had planned on making 2 different cakes with different frosting. Though I was able to salvage 2 letters from that cooking expedition, I had to forgo one dish because I didn't plan my BM theme that was happening. so Honey with Chocolate Chip Cake was sacrificed.

However I managed to save the other two and none more happy than me. When I was planning to make a different frosting from my current crazy being Chocolate Ganache, I decided to use Dark Chocolate as the main. Rather I was forced to use it, as my milk chocolate got over and all I had with me were Dark Chocolate bars. So thought of mixing up condensed milk and the result was amazing. Until I had done it and seen how everybody loved this frosting more, I had no clue of using it. I had simply clicked pictures of the frosting as well. Only later I realized that I could use this for D under Misc, Condiment section.
Dark Chocolate Frosting
Dark Chocolate Frosting
Best part is, the leftovers never get wasted. Kids were more than willing to lick it as such and they wanted it in different avatars. Konda remembered about it and asked for the same at a later point. Last night Konda walked in and asks me why I haven't been making anything chocolate for them. I told her that I might be doing it later but not right away. She was giving me weird looks, with the way things have been at home off late I haven't have cooked much.

So for D it is Dark Chocolate Frosting!

This frosting is completely made with just Dark Chocolate, you could combine milk chocolate to make it less bitter.

Dark Chocolate Frosting

Ingredients Needed

Dark Chocolate compound, grated - 1/2 cup
Condensed Milk - 3 tbsp
Sugar - 1/2 cup
Cream - 3/4 cup
Butter - 2 tbsp

How to make the Dark Chocolate Frosting

Melt the chocolate in mw for 1 min. Then over a pan, mix all the ingredients and cook over simmer. Temper well for the frosting to set.

When it is almost cooled, use it for frosting over the cake.


If you prefer to reduce the bitterness, use 1/4 cup of milk chocolate compound. Both can be melted together in the MW, before being tempered over double pan.

I used this to frost the Honey Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Chip

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