Saravana Bhavan Hotel Sambar Recipe | How to make Sambar HSB Style!

Before anybody jumps the gun, let me confess that I was out of my mind thinking what Main course can I showcase. So there has to be something very dramatic right. Well a sambar claiming to be the exact as how it is made in Hotel Saravana Bhavan, can and will stir lot of rustle. Yes that's what you are going to read about.

Until couple of days back, I was still not clear what to decide on. So while I was browsing through some shared documents that led me to this site, which seems to be single point of reference to what's famously referred as the HSB Sambar. While it's been a quite sometime since I ate the sambar from this place, I knew my colleague is a great fan of this sambar, would be the apt person to say if this is indeed so or not. 
Saravana Bhavan Hotel Sambar Recipe
Saravana Bhavan Hotel Sambar
Hold your breath ok, well she said this surely doesn't taste exactly like that. Maybe mine differed with the thickness, as HSB sambar is supposed to be quite thick. Whatever the whole drama that acted out before I made this Sambar, ensured that this sees light and yes this is going to grace today's post as the first of the Main course I decided to blog on.

Welcome to the 31st Edition of BM friends, you are reading the first of the Main Course series. Now if you ask me what Main Course is, for a western menu, one can point out straight and say this is Main course. I even looked up dictionary and only thing that said was, it's the main course of the meal after the entrĂ©e. This is exactly the right formula to throw you out of your wits. I spent many days simply thinking what could possibly be suitable for this series. 

As somebody asked, if it was by sheer coincidence or planned act that all themes ended up starting with M in the BM# 31 Edition. I was boastful to say I had planned it all and one of the pitfall was this Main course. Who in their proper mind want to have such themes, well I did and here I am all confused yet happy that sambar, though tasted delicious, now has to take on the so called name. 

Do try it and cook it for a bit more. I was really in a hurry and this was done in flat 20 mins time, with a waiting time on the vegetables to reach me. I am sure you will enjoy it and as the Bard said, what's in a name!

Pls excuse the mess, I forgot and slipped out, while the sambar slipped out of the bowl!

Saravana Bhavan Hotel Sambar Recipe

Ingredients Needed

To Grind as paste

Roasted gram / Fried Gram / Pottu kadalai - 2 tsp
Tomato - 1 big
Shredded coconut - 1 tbsp
Sambar powder - 2 tsp
Hing / Asafoetida - 1/4 tsp

For the Sambar

Toor Dal - 3/4 cup
Brinjal / Kathirikkai  - 3 -4 small
Drumstick  - 1
Sambar Onions / Shallots - 5
Tomatoes - 1
Green chili - 2
Coriander leaves - handful
Salt to taste
Tamarind /Puli - 1 lemon size or paste 2 tablespoon (tbsp.)

For Tempering

Mustard seed, Urad dal - 1/4 tsp
Cumin seed - 1/2 tsp
Round Dry Chillis - 2 - 3
Curry leaves - 5
Sambar Onions / Shallots - 5

How to make the Sambar

Wash and pressure cook the toor dal to a soft consistency by adding enough water.

Wash and soak the tamarind, extract the pulp, keep it aside.

Chop the vegetables and keep it aside. Slit the green chili into two pieces.

Grind to paste roasted gram, 1 Tomato, coconut, sambar powder, asafoetida to a smooth paste by adding water.

Once the dal is well cooked, add 4 cups of water,  add the cut vegetables, Shallots, chopped tomato, green chili and cook.

Now add ground paste to the cooking dal.

Now add the tamarind (puli) water and cook until the vegetables are cooked. Then remove from heat.

In a pan heat oil, add mustard seed, cumin seed, urad dal stir until the mustard splatter. Now add Shallots, dry chili, curry leaves until curry leaves splatter.

Now pour this over the simmering sambar, add coriander leaves and cook until sambar comes to boil and remove from heat.

Serve with Idlis


The more you cook the more thick the sambar will end up.
This can be made without the vegetables, with just the shallots as well.
The thickness and the difference in this recipe is because of the fried gram

Another first of sorts, I never add green chilies to my Sambar. Green Chilis don't come to mind when I conjure upon a sambar recipe. But then I added, I wonder who got those green chilies now!

Everybody at home loved it, but compliment was my other colleague who loved it, saying she can't stand HSB sambar, this however was very nice indeed. Thank God for good friends!

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