Sunnundalu with Sugar | Urad Dal Laddu Recipe

When you think about sweets that are famous from Andhra, you can't miss out Sunnudalu. However over the years I have come to realize that most of the sweets are available in many other places, only the same level of PR has not been done and that accounts to the popularity of the dish. 

Either ways I always remember Sunnundalu or Urad Dal Laddus that are always believed to have been a marvel food. Not only for taste, but for the goodness that's found in Urad dal and imagine it is combined with ghee, it makes a divine dish to indulge. What I always thought to have been a fact was that, this laddo was supposed to be made with Jaggary. Only recent I came to know that the sweet stalls mostly make it with sugar. 

Sunnundalu with Sugar
Sunnundalu with Sugar

Recently when my cousin brother came to visit us, his wife sent us a box full of these sweets. Until it all got over, we never realized it was homemade. When we realized that she had made it herself, I thought I must also try with Sugar. Only then it struck that all these years I have been wondering why the laddos taste different when we buy from the sweet stall. 

It's a long weekend for the boys with four long days. I know Athamma must be getting scared..:) How do we keep the kids occupied is one major question. Of course Athamma has got a Ph.d in that matter, still like a fresher, she gets scared.

Sunnundalu with Sugar - Urad Dal Laddu

Ingredients Needed:

Whole Black gram / Urad Dal - 1 cup
Granulated Sugar - 1 cup
Ghee - 75 gms (3 tbsp appr) (more depending on the laddu formation

How to make the Laddus:

Dry roast the Urad dal in low flame, till it turns golden brown and starts smelling like heaven. Allow it to cool

When the Urad dal is cooled, powder the dal along with sugar, to fine texture. Unlike the laddu with jaggary, this tastes best when it is fine powder.

Transfer to a bowl, heat the ghee and pour over this mixture. If its too hot, mix it using a spoon, else mix well with hand. Now gather the mixture as balls and press tightly together so that it retains its shape.

Urad Dal Laddu
Urad Dal Laddu 
This yielded about 12 medium sized laddos. Once done, these stay for about 10 days. The laddus also become stiff when the ghee thickens.

Though my kids resisted eating this, Pedhu finally loved it and was attacking it non stop.

These beautiful Roses were for my anniversary at work. My management has the nicest way to greet and wish our employees on their anniversary!

Those of you having long weekends..enjoy!

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