Sajjala Laddu | Bajra Laddus

For the second day of Something Sweet for Kids, it's Sajjala Laddu or rather a sweet laddu made with Bajra. Since Bajra is not something you can get the kids as such, we found that making these laddos was a easier task.

I am not sure about other kids, but my 5 year old twins don't eat such sweets, while it's only now that Konda has started getting used to different taste and liking. These laddus are very easy to make and serve as a quick dish. This turns out to be a quick post but a tasty one at the same time..:)

This is one of those rustic dishes that are made typically in places where Bajra is grown more. Athamma says her mom used to make this so much during her childhood. So imagine how old this recipe is.

Sajjala Pelaalu Laddu | Bajra Laddus

Sajjalu / Whole Bajra - 1 cup
Jaggary - 1 cup or depending on sweetness
Cardamon a pinch
Fresh Coconut, grated - 2 tbsp
Ghee as required to make balls

How to prepare Sajjala Pelaalu Laddu

Dry roast the whole Bajra on a hot pan for couple minutes, until it is well done. Remove and allow to cool.

Once it's cooled, take the bajra along with jaggary and pulse in a mixer for couple of times till you get a fine crumbly like texture.

Remove and add 1 tsp of hot ghee and fresh coconut. Mix it again. This should get you a texture that will hold it together.

Make tight balls from the mixture and adjust the ghee to see if the balls are holding it together.

Store in a container, this stayed for a week and was most delicious!

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