How to Store Curry Leaves? | Preserve Curry Leaves / Kadi Patta as powder | Step by Step Pictures

On Sunday we had our customary vegetable shopping done. I found huge load of curry leaves and wanted to make different podis, and also store them for everyday cooking. Storing Fresh Curry Leaves fresh is a task sometimes, but if you plan and clean it properly it can stay fresh for over a month. 
Sunday is mostly spent cleaning and prepping the vegetables. But it's worth the pains.

I store coriander leaves the similar way, though the second method used for curry leaves may not work for coriander leaves.

How to store Curry Leaves in Fridge fresh - Step by Step pictures

 Fresh batch from the market
Wash and rise in running water and let it drain in a colander.
After 30 mins, the water is almost drained.
 Dry the curry leaves on a towel under fan.
Warp around and make sure the leaves are very dry.
 Take a dry box, place a paper at the bottom. Remove all the leaves from the stem and drop into the box.
When you are done, cover with another paper and close with the lid and refrigerate. When required you can just use it without bothering to wash.

The other tips to Store Curry Leaves, the second way to store the curry leaves would be to make a powder of them fresh and store in an air tight container.

This can be simply done in a microwave for 3 - 4 mins depending on your microwave. The first time I did, I had to experiment. So I started with 30 secs, another 30 secs,1 mins, 2 mis. So looks like finally after 4 mins the curry leaves were crisp that you could just crush them in hand and store.

Once the curry leaves are dry, remove the leaves from stem, take them in a mw safe plate, mw for 30 secs
Then for another 2 mins, depending on your mw
 This is after 2.30 secs
This is the final powder that you get, it can be stored and used in sambar, gravies. Just add a small pinch for not altering the taste, yet including the goodness of curry leaves.

Can be used in takda of chutneys, dals etc.

Sending these quick basics made in Microwave to Vatsala, who is hosting this month's Microwave Easy Cooking Event.

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