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Well I got to agree, banana seems to be the most desired fruit to make all your cooking without fire dishes, that too that will delight your kids. Of course, as said earlier, one can't please all the kids. While this is something that has been on my to do list since the time Konda was a year old, this is also something that she finally made herself.

She was in a rush to leave for the school this morning, when she was telling me about this absolutely easy and fun dish her teacher treated them to. She liked it much better because it had chocolate. Well that's for sure going to be tomorrow's post. But before that I was baiting her to make this Banana Delight herself. I was sure she must have felt why mummy was asking her to do it, as I mostly never let her handle knifes, most times.
This took all of 2 mins to get it done and is something her pediatrician had recommended to give for her when she was over a year old. She was always a fussy eater and when I was telling the doctor that Konda hardly eats anything, she suggested I make this for her as this is very simple to make, plus it has banana and condensed milk, both rich and healthy for growing up kids.

Just chop the bananas, mix in how much ever condensed milk you want, sprinkle with cinnamon powder if you prefer, chill it for a while if you have time. Simply eat! Konda said it was too delicious and going to make it regularly.

I know she was telling more for the fact that she got to do everything herself. But still this is one addictive dessert.

Sending this to Kamalika, who is hosting this month's edition of Kid's Delight, themed on No Fire Cooking for Kids.

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