Blogging Marathon # 4 - Update

I know I am late updating on the Blogging Marathon # 4. But I have been down to do much about it. Finally I sat down deciding on the group. I wanted to do this with three different groups each having about 10 bloggers.

Below are the details of the bloggers who will be blogging non stop for 7 days in the following mentioned week

4th  - 10th April

Srivalli - Diabetes Diet/Management
Champa  - Diabetes Diet/Management
Harini - Diabetes Diet/Management
Kalyani - Kid friendly recipes
Usha - Seven Days of Soups
Priya Suresh - 30 Minutes Meals
PJ - Diabetes Diet/Management
Anusha - Seven days of Cakes
Sowmya - Seven Days of Soups  
Shylaja - Kid friendly recipes
Veena - Kid friendly recipes

11th Apr - 17th

Bhagyashri  - Seven days of Cakes
Monika - Seven days of Indian Bread
Rujuta - Diabetes Diet/Management
Divya - Kid friendly recipes
Padma - Seven days of Indian Bread
IIa - Seven Days of Soups
Archana - 30 Minutes Meals
Smita - Seven Days of Soups 
PJ - Diabetes Diet/Management
Kamalika - Diabetes Diet/Management

18th Apr - 24th

Pavani - Seven days of Indian Bread
Jayasree Satish - Seven days of Indian Bread
Smitha - Diabetes Diet/Management
Priya Vasu - Seven days of cakes
Kamalika - Diabetes Diet/Management
Cool Lassi - Kid friendly recipes

Vaishali - Seven days of Preserves
Priya Mahadevan
Gayathri Kumar

I will try to do at least two posts with the other groups, if not all days. With the way things are with me, I am keeping my fingers crossed.
Suma, Kamalika, PJ and Champa will be doing another week each.

I am still thinking of doing this edition in a different way. Will update if I finalize on that.