Healthy Moong Dal Roti

After blogging non stop for 30 days, I had real problem on the last day. It is such an irony! But I was saved by this Roti I had made for dinner as a health diet but never got around posting as I was busy with the many cakes that were getting experimented. This healthy rotis had to take a back seat. See how it came to save the day for me!

These were made the regular way as I do with Pesarattu. Except no rice was added nor was it diluted as a Dosa batter. Instead the batter was stored as a thick paste. Just before making the dinner, we had all the chopped vegetables added to the paste, patted down on a plastic sheet and cooked on a hot tawa on both sides.

I will come back to write the proper recipe as I am having internet connectivity problem. Please enjoy the pictures until them.

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