Are you ready for a Blogging Marathon?

Yes you read it right! As a one of things to address, I decided to blog everyday on Spice your Life. This is going to be a blogging marathon on different topics. It almost looks like I keep forgetting important milestones that I meet on Spice your Life. Like I forgot that Indian Cooking Challenge completed a year some 6 months and didn't remember until reminded. Then Spice your Life completed 2 years end of August and I just remembered that now!

Well to make up for the step motherly attitude I have, I thought I should blog non stop for 31 days to get over the phase. Best part being since this blog is about so many different aspects on life, I feel it will be more fun.

Starting this Monday school will reopen and I will be literally running to plan for my Kid's snack and Lunch box. Hoping to achieve all that through this marathon.

Leave me a comment if you are interested to join me along for the Marathon. I will be glad to try and read what you will be doing the next 31 days during January 2011

If you want to join us, please read the requirement and how to send email.

Sign up to the group is done only between 16th - 23rd each Month.
I really appreciate all the interest, however emails sent any time apart from this week, will not be accepted. The email should specifically mention the weeks, themes one wants to do.

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Wishing all my readers a great year ahead!


Please read the BM announcement post for guidelines on joining Blogging Marathon.