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Well this is very quick if you have the Idli batter on hand. When kids refusing to eat the daily mundane breakfasts or even lunches, you really got to think out of box and plan very interesting dishes for them. And when you have three, believe me you have every reason to go crazy.

Most weeks I try to plan ahead for Konda's meals. But at times when Sundays get to be hectic, I don't get to plan well. That really gets us to have a bad start for the week. Mondays become a drag. I normally have the Idli batter ground on Sundays so that Monday breakfast is always planned. But it so happened that boys refused to have idlis. Then Peddu was ok with it, while Chinnu refuses point blank. Konda eats Idlis only if a certain chutney is made with it.

All this confusion ultimately led me to believe I should drop Idli off the menu. That ensured that we had lot of excess Idli batter on hand. Amma always spices up the Idli batter with all sorts of different stuffing and mixes. She ends up dressing them differently. Yet another idea from her was this Carrot mixed Idlis, which are a hit with kids.

Not only does the batter gets over, you can get the kids eat carrot. All three of them eat Carrots, but still it was a good idea to get them included in the breakfast.

Ingredients Needed:

Idli Batter - 1 cup
Carrot, grated - 1 medium
Onions, small. - 1 finely chopped
Green chili - 1
Salt for taste

Method to prepare

Add the grated Carrot, onions, green chilies to the batter along with a bit of salt. Mix well.

Grease the idli plates with oil and pour small scoops of this batter on to them.

Steam the idlis in the Idli cooker or steamer for 15 minutes as you regularly do.

Check if the idlis are done. Since onions are added, it might be little soft inside. So steam for couple of minutes more if required.

Serve with Chutneys.

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