Kid's Delight ~ Colouring your Kid's Delight Round up

Phew! Finally I was able to sit down to do this round up. Its been a worse type of week for me. Konda has not been keeping well. She had fever for couple of days and then is now down with cough. Hopefully the weekend should help her out. While I was also not keeping well, which prevented me from sitting on the comp to work. While my day job is not something that I can miss, looks like blogging takes a back seat.

I managed to visit each and every participant and enjoyed reading the entry. Hopefully I included everybody who sent in. Thank you very much.

I know this is going to be the shortest round up I have ever done. But didn't want to take much more time than this. Hope you will all enjoy going through the entries.

Remember I asked how you can colour your Kid's delight and my each and every entry that came is very pretty. About 60 of them came our way! I am sure all of us will have enough to try and get our kids eat.

A special thanks to Sanyukta Gour, Priya Suresh  & Nithya for sending me so many entries..

Asha's Ricotta-Mango Kalakand
Deepti's Vanilla Cup Cakes
Deepti's Mixed Fruit Smoothie
Indrani's Healthy Oat & Mango Smoothie
Ivy's Cheese Panna Cotta
Jaishree's Choco Puri
Jaishree's Chocolate Cake in cup
Jayashree's Watermelon Shake
Jay's Beetroot Pulav
Kavitha &Gayathri's Kesari
Nithya's Colour Mania Collection!
Nivedita's Tri Colored Chapatis and Tomato Chutney!
Nivedita's Biscuit Poli for Holi
Nutan's Blueberry Ice Cream
Nutan's Jackfruit Idly
Nutan's Blueberry Bread
Padhu's Papaya Smoothie Recipe
Padhu's Potato Sandwich Recipe
Priya Suresh's Mango & Chocolate Chips Bread
Priya Suresh's Beetroot & Banana Smoothie
Priya Suresh's Orange Lassi
Priya Suresh's Avocado Ice Cream
Priya Suresh's Strawberry & Yogurt Pops
Priyadarshini's Corn Pizza
Sanyukta Gour's Kiwi Summer Salad
Sanyukta Gour's Bi Colour Patty
Sanyukta Gour's Carrot Parantha
Sanyukta Gour's Sweet n Tangy Carrot chutney
Sanyukta Gour's Avocado garlic Spaghetti
Sanyukta Gour's Avocado rolls
Sanyukta Gour's Sweet n Spicy Egg Toast & finally a Colourful array of dishes from her again
Sayantani's Mango Sandesh
Sumarajesh's Fruit custard with jelly toppings
Suparna's Stuffed Spinach Parathas
Sushma Pinjala's Palak rice
Swapna's Beetroot Palya
Swathi's Triple berries and mango smoothie
Umm Mymoonah's Cherry Porridge Ice Cream
Umm Mymoonah's Whole wheat Avocado payasam
Usha's Mango Frozen Yogurt
Vegetarian Yogini Tri-Color Paratha
Vidhya Subramony Corn-Peas peta pockets with hummus
Vidhya Subramony Raviolli - A fusion in Indian style
Vidhya Subramony Curried Bean Wrap

I hope I have included everybody's in the round up, please let me know if otherwise.