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I was frequently asked if I make Bhelpuri at home or if Bhel puri is healthy for kids etc. I used to reply back saying yes, I have been making Bhel puri at home since my college days and it never was a tough nut to crack. It's only since blogging that I haven't actually made it. Come to think of it, I haven't made any of the chat items that used to frequent our dining table.

Konda loves bhel puri and would never say no to the stop wala bhel. But I always hesitate to give her. Alternative to that was Amma making it for it. Konda never used to believe that I could make it too. Well I thought maybe this summer I will finally make it for it. Having such sessions in mind, I was looking for recipes that a soon to be 9 year old can make herself.

When I announced the Kids Delight on Cooking with the Kids, I knew the first recipe that I wanted my daughter to make. I recently came across a recipe that was very simple, not involving the chutneys and all those elaborate process, yet very tasty. I immediately knew this recipe was for konda.

Konda has been enjoying her holidays with her friend K since her vacation started. Both the girls have been entertained by K's mom, who has been wonderful enough to occupy the girls with daily assignments of arts and drawing. Konda has been literally busy since her holidays started. I thought it was only fair that I do my small part in entertaining the girls and found that this cooking session was the best option.

I got all the things ready and told both of them about this session the previous day itself. Konda was so excited because I never allow her to do anything when I am cooking.

Konda was after me, asking when we were going to start. I said it was going to be in the evening. She was so restless and got her friend on dot.

I found a ready mixed Bhel mixture, which had the poha, sev, namkeen, friend ground nuts etc.

I decided to add boiled potatoes, tomato, onions, raw mango, carrots, boiled peanuts, coriander leaves, extra serving of Sev.

I pressure cooked potatoes. had all the vegetables ready. Once the potatoes were cooled, both Konda and K peeled the skin and chopped it fine.

Then came the carrot and raw mango grating. I chopped the onions and tomatoes finely and had the peanuts boiled too.

Out came the big bowl for each of them. The bhel and the sev were transferred to a bowl.

The girls took a ladleful of bhel mix, add a spoon of all the vegetables and shiftily mixed with spoon for a even mixing.

Transferred to a plate, garnished it with boiled peanuts, extra sev and coriander leaves.

Just as I remember, the taste was too good. I hardly missed the sweet or spicy chutney.

We were just in time to get this ready for the boys to come back from school. They all had a gala time snacking on the Bhel and sipping on the drink! I was glad that I finally was able to make Konda make something along with me and one which she loved making it with her friend. She was so happy telling her Tatha that she made it all by herself!

For the drink, I made a Chocolate Bourn vita Drink, which will be featured in Beyond Curries.

Best part was my parents liking this so much. They said this was really so good, so much better than the one made so spicy with chutneys.

Have you made any such interesting dishes with kids, do share them with me!

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