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I am back with my weekly updates on the Diet program. I know I haven't been very strict with the diet the whole of last week. Well I had lot of excuses. With Athamma not being in town and no help with the household work, I was stressed beyond words. I needed energy to just move about or so I said to myself! This forced me to eat the regular food that was cooked.

Anyway I tried compensating at least one meal. Tough times won't last long, so here I am in a much better situation, being able to manage things to an extent. In fact I have gone back to my diet regime. The major dish that helped me in this aspect was the Goduma Dosa, when rolling out or even cooking those rotis sounded tough, these quick doses came as a big help.

If plain goduma dosa bores you, then spice it up by mixing in Green chili paste, or add vegetables or even onions would really help. When you are on diet there is no need to eat boring stuffs right.

So here is the plan, when rolling out Phulkas sound like a herculean task, try these Dosas with Wheat flour

1. Plain Goduma Dosa
2. Spiced Goduma Dosa with either Red chili powder or Green Chili paste
3. Vegetable Goduma Dosa
4. Goduma Uthapam with Onions.

Similarly you can make Dosas or Adais with Channa Dal/ Bengal Gram dal. Spilt Yellow Moong Dal.

The famous Andhra Pesarattu is made with Whole Moong Dal. When we don't add the rice flour, the dosas/ pesarattus comes out soft. But as a replacement for nutrition, it is really good.

With the Vada Pappu I offered as prasadam on Sri Rama Navami, I didn't want to make the salad with the whole lot. Instead ground it to make dosas for the lunch.

Pesara pappu Dosa / Pesarattu / Split Yellow Moong Dal Dosa

Yellow Split Moong Dal - 1 cup
Salt to taste
Oil - 2 -3 tsp
Cumin Seeds - for garnish
Onions (opt)
Grated Ginger (opt)

Method to prepare:

Wash and soak yellow moong dal for 30 - 40 mins. Drain and grind to a smooth paste. Add salt.

Heat a tawa and grease with oil.  Pour one ladleful of batter and spread as you would a regular dosa.

Sprinkle the cumin seeds, Onions and ginger if you are using on the top. Sprinkle little oil. Cook on medium flame to ensure it gets cooked well.

Then flip to the other side and cook again.

With one cup, you would get about 4 medium sized dosas.

Serve with Chutney or Dal.

Well I clicked a photo with groundnut chutney. But since I should not eat, I again took it with the Gongura Dal that I took for Lunch. I wouldn't say these were the best of combos, but then it was one healthy lunch. You can serve this with Sambar or other regular Dals.

How is everybody's diet going on?

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