Diet Program Day 6

Today went off in a breeze. We had to do the household chores and that kept me so occupied that I didn't realize the diet or what I was eating. I managed to follow the diet till evening. I skipped on the dinner by eating the Uggani that I made for dinner. well I consoled myself that since it is very rare this is made, it is fine..anyway more determination is needed.

Here's my schedule today.

7.00 - 7.10 -am - Warm up
8 am - Coffee with biscuits
10.00 am - 1 slice of bread
11.00 am - 1 bowl of Veg Soup with 2 Breads slices
12.00 pm Buttermilk
12.00 pm Lunch - 2 pulkas, Dal and 1 cup Pomegranate
3.30 pm - 4 Slices of Pineapple
8. 30 pm Uggani with bajji.:(
Hope things get better from next week. And since tomorrow being sunday you can cheat. But the way I ended up eating for dinner, I don't think I should feast!