Diet Program ~ Day 3

Insomnia or whatever I haven't been able to sleep properly the last few days. This coupled with a back catch, did worse to myself and the morning. This results in the mornings being very fizzy. Managed to send something for Konda as she was fine with Dosas. Boys were good enough to get bathed on time. This actually gave me some time to get their lunch boxes ready on time. Since I decided to be on bread today, didn't make those pulkas.

I think that climbing up and down was the root cause, I was determined to climb again today. Surprisingly I forgot about the catch some way through the mid morning, when I again did some stretching. Yes, it was purely the case of not using all the body parts.

As it happened yesterday, I forgot to click my box! But I am sure you can visualize what's listed!. I must say day 3 was a breeze. Body has adjusted to no Rice inclusion. I think mind has a greater part to play. Though there has been many a times in the past, when I have gone without rice, when you say "NO", your mind starts craving for it. Plus the fact there are so many other no's. Well I have successfully turned away my nose to a Sabudhana Batata Vada! How is that!

Here's my 3rd day schedule.

6.30 am - 1 tsp Ajwain and Warm up
7 am - Coffee with no biscuits ..:((
9.30 am - 1 slice of bread
10.15 am - 1 bowl of Veg Soup with 2 Breads slices
11.30 am Buttermilk
12.30 pm 1 cucumber, 1 carrot with pepper and salt - Yum!
1.15 pm - 3 slices of bread with Amarnath Stir Fry, Pithikina pappu kura., buttermilk
4.30 pm - 5-30 Slipping 2 glasses of Lemon juice
5.45 pm - small Orange
8.15 pm - Boiled Moong Dal salad

On the whole I have felt better today. Planning on starting walking from tomorrow.

How was your day? Would be fun to exchange notes.