Popped Jowars ~ Healthy Snack for Kids!

Did you ever face a situation where you learnt a new thing and you felt strange for never knowing it? This happened to me couple of weeks back. For the Sankranti festival, Athamma wanted to prepare all those dishes that her mom used to make for the festival. One of those were these different laddos with Jowar and Bajra. Since I have never attempted making these, I asked how to make these, assuming that the seeds will be roasted and then powdered as the normal procedure goes for making laddos.

Little did I know that these Jowar seeds pop out like the corns and these are eaten as a delicacy as the popcorns. The poor mans popcorns or the lucky man's popped jowar if I must say! For almost few minutes I was speechless knowing that they actually pop out. That shows I never looked at it scientifically, which I do on most things. I try to analyze the science behind each cooking method. So I should have known that a dried seed like this should pop out right, but I didn't.

So it was naturally a great pleasure seeing them pop out on being roasted. Athamma further told me that her mom used to make a big batch of these popped Jowar, infact salted ones as munchies to the kids. Imagine Athamma munching on these as a young girl! Unbelievable, and here I was thinking and acting so smart when I actually showed her how to pop out corns. I have a never ending supply of the dried corn seeds for konda, who loves them. Of course who doesn't love popcorns.

The Jowar seeds pops out so beautifully that it makes a great thing to cook. I tried taking a step by step but the lighting in my kitchen was not enough for bright ones.

Heat a pan. When it is really hot, drop in handful of jowar seeds and using a spatula dry roast them.

Ensure you keep stirring else there are chances of some seeds getting too much heat. When the seeds get enough heat, they start popping out.

Just like the popcorns. Simmer the flame, cover with lid with the spatula inside. With the lid covered, try shaking the spatula so that it stirs the seeds and ensures all of them get popped out.

Once all are done, you can sprinkle salt and other masala you wish. And store it in air tight container.

Notes : Other way of making salted Jowar pops, lightly coat the seeds with little oil, sprinkle salt over them and then continue the process of frying.

The way I have shown is normally followed when you want to make the sweet laddos. Of course the laddos are for another day!

This makes a great snack for kids and of course for everybody!

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