Pearl Millet Sprouts with Sesame Seeds and Jaggary Salad

I have always known these as Saddalu but after Internet and interacting with others, I came to know that Pearl Millit is referred as Sajjalu. The name doesn't really matter if you ask me. My first memories of this was when I was 6 years old. I vividly remember eating this at my paternal grandparents home, in our own cultivated land. I think even at that young age, I could feel the pride of growing something and eating it. Even though I hardly contributed to growing it myself.

The first memory reminds me of burnt millets directly on the coal. They taste awesome! Then of course Amma used to make the Roti with the Sadda flour, those mixed with onions, green chilies and served with peanut chutney. These were my evening snacks when I came back home. Imagine coming home to these heavenly smells. I wish my kids eat these. Of course I haven't introduced them to it anyways. But you know right that they may not like it. Maybe I should try it sometimes.


Coming to this raw sprouts, I have known Amma sprouting these when she gets it fresh. Then I have seen Athamma doing it. She specially asks me for whole ones. So when I got this, she ends up sprouting them.

These make a great snack or a quick snack for breakfast.


Sadda/ Sajja - Pearl Millet


There is really no recipe for this. Wash and keep the Millet in a muslin cloth overnight. Sprouts come out.

Then add grated jaggary and sesame seeds. Toss together and just eat.

The sprouted millet are very nutritious and when combined with jaggary, is a good source of iron, plus makes it a complete meal for breakfast.

Sesame seeds adds great taste to the overall effect.

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