Measured Values ~ How do you handle with your Kids!

The other day while nibbling on a treat a colleague brought from home, she happened to mention about how her mom used to give them measured quantities as kids. I was surprised hearing that, because my mom used to do the same thing. I told her that Amma also did the same thing, be it a biscuit or a muruku, it always used to be either 1 or 2! The reasons of course, we now know. If we eat too much of one, we refuse the other regular food.

Like it used to be only 2 biscuits with a glass of milk. We were able to eat our breakfast. But my boys eat about 3 - 4, sometimes even more. They refuse to eat anything after that. Maybe our stressed lifestyle makes us more hesitant to take efforts to accept otherwise? But whatever, I am exhausted end of it, to even try making them understand they should stop with some and have space for their breakfast.

The thought stayed back and I was wondering how will one combat these situations? With my 8 year old daughter, it has always been a case of picky eating habits. So even if she ate just biscuits, I was so relieved. But my 3 year old boys just refuse to listen to anything. I grew up adhering to the fact that even if there were 10 apples, I got to share with everybody at home. So I clean, chop and share with the family the 2 -3 apples that I cut. Now nobody wants to share!

I always believe being very measured teaches kids to share, to know how much one should take in and be receptive to all foods as they are not satiated.

Do you have the problem. How do you handle it with your child? I would welcome suggestions and ideas on improving children's habits!