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>>  Tuesday, September 1, 2009

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Lunch Box Recipes / Lunch Recipes
Masala Poha
Masala Poha 2

Bread Jam Pinwheel

Quick Semiya Upma ~ Vermicelli Upma
Vermicelli Pulao | Semiya Pulav Recipe
Vermicelli Vegetable Biryani | Semiya Biryani with Vegetables

Easy Aloo Paratha
Quick Paneer Parathas
Parathas with leftover Potato Peas Kurma
Mini Triangle Stuffed Paratha
Quick Cheese Paratha
Vegetable Paratha
Paratha with leftover dal
Carrot Paratha
Aloo Cheese Paratha | Stuffed Aloo Cheese Paratha
Palak Poori | Spinach Puri

Creamy 4 Cheese Macaroni
Pasta with Herbs and Veggies a treat for kids
Quick Macaroni in Tomato Sauce
Simple and Quick Macaroni with White Sauce
Penne Pasta with Onion, Tomato sauce
Quick Penne Tomato Pasta
Macroni in Tomato Sauce, Indian Style
Spicy Tomato Macaroni with Cheese

Kadala Curry with Coconut Pulao
Vazhakkai Roast Recipe, Paruppu Sambar

Easy Lunch Recipes with Rice for Kids

Capsicum Rice
Chana (Chole) Masala Rice | Curried Chickpea Rice
Pomegranate Rice | Pomegranate Rice Recipe
Aloo Rice ~ Aloo Roast Rice | Potato Rice
Carrot Rice | Spicy Carrot Rice
Sweet Corn Chat Rice | Sweet Corn Fried Rice
Tomato Fried Rice with Paneer
Quick n Simple Tomato Rice
Pappu Annam | Dal Rice for Kids
How To Make Ghee Rice in Microwave
Corn Vegetable Pulao
Vegetable Biryani with Seeraga Samba.
Beetroot Pulao Recipe | Beetroo Pulav
Methi Carrot Pulao Recipe
Tomato Biryani


Rachu January 21, 2011 at 3:47 AM  

I love the concept of this blog.. great job.


Eric Parker October 4, 2013 at 1:01 PM  

Thanks for share meals for children recipes.really its great job.thanks again

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