Indian Cooking Challenge Polling starts!

The list has finally reached 100. I didn't have time to check if we are referring to the same dish in different language, couple of them were there and I have removed. So kindly excuse my lack of time right now.

The polling list is displayed on the right side, please choose your dish. The one that gets the maximum votes will be taken for the first month.

Also I was thinking since we are still in the 18th of June, we may be able to do a test run of this event with a simpler dish. The dish that gets voted will of course be made for July. But if you guys are interested in doing a test run, we can run it within 2 weeks time.

If you guys are game, then Rava Laddoo will set well for a 2 week challenge! So please don't' choose that or Suji Laddoo in the list!..Never realized both are one and the same, until my dear friend Dhivi pointed out!

Meanwhile this polling will end by 21 st early morning IST

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