Being a Parent!

I know most of you must have cracked this equation. I am still at it. I am still taking baby steps towards being the perfect parent. Well is there a state called the perfect Parent? Obviously not, we always have only one set of parents and there can't be comparisons. But I guess each of us end up comparing our parents with our friends. And there will always be cases where one goes up or comes down in esteem. I may have done it and I have seen my daughter doing it on me, whether she knows the effects or not.

The other day I saw a very young girl walking down with even petite baby on hand. The first thought that struck was, is that baby hers? Then I rationalized that it obviously must be. What followed my thought process next were, is that young girl really matured enough to bring up a child? Forget about material and monetary aspect, is she physically and mental equipped for the role?

Bang came the next thought, was I really ready when I had my first child? Does one really undergo some kind of training to bring up their children? Do our parents really teach us how too. I really don't think so. We just do things by instinct some by observation, some by experience So when this was how things are, how did I even doubt that that young girl may not be able to take care of the baby, if it was hers.

Life is a great teacher, every moment teaches us something. And our children are even more greater teachers. They teach us patience, with their tantrums and mischief's, makes us realize how we must have troubled our parents. That makes our parents grow even more fonder. When we think we know all, they spring something new to make us realize that there is still a whole lot to learn!

If there ever was a something to teach you how to crack being the perfect parent, I would want to learn. Till then let me continue to be this imperfect parent, still trying to learn to give my best shot!