Coconut Dates Boorelu ~ a treat to Kids!

After I made those yummy boorelu with dal, I had the batter still left. My kids liked the boorelu quite a lot and since the batter was still around, I was thinking what else can go into this. I really don't mind giving the kids, deep fried ones. After all the running and activities they do, its enough to burn them all. Moreover, they enjoyed deep fried snacks. But enjoy they burn them out.

With no offense to anybody, I have seen many mothers feeling very concerned that they have obese kids but fail to look for the root cause. There is no harm in giving oily stuff frequently provided you make sure they burn them out. Ensuring they are actively involved in physical activities, gets you the solution. When the kids are physically active, we need not worry about feeding them fats or deep fried snacks.

I have been in this situation couple of times. Once Konda refused to eat anything when she was about 3 years. It continued for almost two days, finally when she asked for tea, I had to give in as Dad said its fine to give even that if they want only that to eat/drink. Tea is much better than Coffee, of course for kids you feel bad to give. But what Dad says is, kids eat when they are hungry. they will never starve. Its only the moms who feel over protective and overfeed them.

Its been a rough path, but I have got used to feel detached when they refuse to eat what I want them to eat, because its healthy. Instead think of such alternative snacks which gets them eat these stuff, which they otherwise won't

So once in while, its fine to indulge them to a deep fried snacks. And these are very tasty ones. It has the goodness of dates stuffed within.

Ingredients Needed:

All purpose flour/ Maida - 1 cup
Salt a pinch
Sugar - 2 tsp (opt)
Water as required to make a thick batter
Oil for deep frying.

For the stuffing:

Fresh Coconut - 3 tbsp
Dates - 5 -6 (without pits)

Method to prepare:

Mix the batter to a thick consistency.

Meanwhile, chop the coconut into smaller pieces and roughly run the coconut and dates in the mixie to get a well formed stuffing. The stickyness from dates will get the coconut to bind well. Shape them into desired balls.

Heat the pan or kadai with oil. Once its hot, roll or dip the stuffing into the maida batter and gently drop into the oil. The batter has to be thick, so mix little quantity as you go. The balls have to be well coated.

Turn on both sides and cook well. Drain on a kitchen towel.

The sweetness from the dates is enough to make this sweet. There is no need to add extra sugar.

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