Bread Pizza ~ Quick Delicious Treat!

>>  Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bread Pizza has always been a childhood delight, ok teenage delight. I started my cooking with making pizzas and there were times I used to make almost every other day. Those pizzas will for ever remain fresh in memory. The aroma that comes out while its baking in the oven, while I was eagerly waiting out it, checking for the time. Peeping inside to see if its done. Wow, wish those days are back here again. Anyway when days turned fast, making them from the scratch was not anymore possible, I found the next best thing possible. I made pizzas from bread. It turns out in flat 1 min, when you have the cheese grated and sauce ready on hand.

And I was very happy when I knew that Konda loves this. This has come to my rescue many a hurry mornings, when I had to make breakfast for her. She is bored with the usual stuff and I am challenged to find the right one. When once I introduced this to her, she was simply elated. So I try to make these atleast once a week. It makes a real healthy breakfast for a growing child. Of course, she likes this any time I give her. So this gets made quite a number of times. When a glass of fresh lime juice there is nothing better than this combination!

Ingredients Needed:

Bread Slices - 4
Grated Cheese - 1 cube.
Tomato Sauce - 4 tsps
Pepper for garnishing

Method to prepare:

You can use any type of bread you have. I normally use the sliced bread.

Fresh slices can be used as such. Or you can toast it with butter.

Heat a pan with little butter. Toast the slices on one side till its crispy.

Remove and spread the tomato sauce all over it.

Grate the cheese cube and spread the cheese over the sauce.

Microwave the slices for a 1 min or till the cheese gets melted.

Remove and sprinkle a wee bit of pepper, since its for kids, make sure its just a wee bit.

Make a great one for a quick breakfast or anytime of the day!

Serve with any fresh juice for a perfect and healthy breakfast.

Konda was elated that she was given this treat for a evening snack. Am sure every kid will love this.


About Spice Your Life!

>>  Saturday, August 30, 2008

Welcome to my blog!

You might wonder why have another blog, when I already have one going on! Well when I created my Cooking 4 all Seasons, all I had was just 2 seconds to decide on a name and click ok to view my blog. I must've tried couple of names, before settling down to this name for a blog. But as things turned out, the name portrays everything that's me and my cooking style. But it resisted to certain things that I wanted to focus more on. Having a name that was much focused on the cooking front, I couldn't discuss on other things that I feel needs attention and discussion.

Hence this blog Spice your life! And yes I did spend some time choosing the right name and this I believe is what life is all about. Without spice there is no taste in food and so is life. Getting the right spice matters a lot. And I believe children act as the spice in our life. Without them, life is really dull. They make it worth it, with their laughter, their smiles, their pranks, their tears, their games and of course, their likes in food. This blog is dedicated to children and to things that matter to us, when we talk about them.

When I started Cooking 4 all Seasons, my daughter was 6 and my twins were 6 months. In this one year, I have seen their food habits change, along with so many other things. My daughter is a very picky eater and I am always challenged to find dishes that she eats without complaints And on top it got to be healthy and nutritious. So when I pack lunch, its one separate for her and for us. So now I pack for 3 of us, down the lane I will end up packing for 5. So by then I really must be having lots of ideas. But my daughter's lunch box is always a big challenge, so this blog is my way of learning more Kid friendly dishes and kids oriented things. And yes I would like to have a space for Parenting, as I am sure its going to be useful for me and many others too.

Apart from that, I have had requests for healthy recipes, Bachelor recipes. So finally I have a space where I can have discussions on Diabetic recipes, Bachelor recipes and some!

And above all, since being a vegetarian this space is for me to cook dishes that are purely vegetarian, yes not even egg. Though I won't claim Vegan, yes I like my milk and cheese! So if you are looking for Indian Vegetarian, then you are in the right space.

Hope you will enjoy!


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