Getting Kids interest with attractive Cutleries!

Getting kids to eat is always a challenge. Be it a toddler or a kindergartner, they invariably fuss over eating. Most kids get used to being fed and it becomes a habit that they don't want to overcome. Many times, it so becomes that they don't know how to eat using their hands. Especially when it comes to eating rice, kids don't know how to take even gather the morsel, for a feed. You will find them picking around and tossing the grains here and there.
With the daughter, its been the same. Its important when you introduce them to eating their own food. This should actually start quite early. We saw the vast difference in the eating habits between kids, who are fed and kids who are given their plates to themselves. I was feeding my daughter until she was almost 5 years. Only now she has started eating on her own. Still she eats with disinterest. On the other hand, my SIL started giving the plate to my niece, when she was 11 months old. It used to be either chapati or rice. She used to spill most things down, but you should be ready for it. They will be messy, but if you think you are going to help them, well you are wrong. They only tend to think, that they will get help all the time.

Result, my niece is a better eater now than my daughter. She eats fast, and with more interest. Not that she isn't fed at times, of course, being a kid that want or need to be taken care, will always be with them.
So of the best things that has worked with me, is to get attractive plates and bowls for the kids. Konda for sure gets excited, seeing these new plates and her interest in eating food stays for a while. The point is, you shouldn't use the same plate everyday. Its got to change according to mood and content. Of course, you can't spend too much on these things, as the plates may not be used frequently. And there is always the space constraint.
These attractive plates were what we got for Konda and the twins.