Microwave Potato Au Gratin | How to make Potato Au Gratin in Microwave

>>  Saturday, July 18, 2015

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After the Chocolate Cake that can be made in a microwave, I have a simple and quick au gratin made with Potato. While the chocolate cake seem quite lengthy and you might argue that a college kid may not be able to handle so many ingredients, I do agree. I simply thought about the MW part and didn't check out the ingredient list to be so long.

So I will just say that yesterday's recipe is for microwave method, and may not be so suitable for a college kid to have all those ingredients handy, the process is quite simple still. To make up for that, I have the simplest recipe today, a single serve Potato Au Gratin.

Gratin originated in French Cuisine and is prepared in a shallow dish with the ingredients layered and topped with browned crust, grated cheese etc. I kept up with the technique and method, though one might say this may not be the actual method of making an au gratin.

Still I would simply say to make something so delicious, single serve, when the mood strikes, nothing can become simpler than this. And if you want your kid digging out of your hand, I say you try this! I made it for Konda and she just couldn't stop herself drooling over the taste. I tasted it too and I couldn't get beyond the tasting part as nothing was left out.

The entire cooking from start to end takes about 6 -7 mins, with MW potato taking about 4 mins and the entire cooking time is about 3 mins. So you have a delicious lip smacking au gratin in less than 10 mins.

I have a full blown Vegetable Au Gratin, again in MW method, guess I had decided au gratin works out best in MW mood of cooking. Today's recipe is so much so easier to make and you can actually ignore the bread crumbs if you want.

Microwave Potato Au Gratin

Ingredients Needed:

Potato - 1 medium
Milk - 1/2 cup
Butter - 1 tbsp
All purpose flour - 1 tbsp
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste
Cheddar Cheese - 2 tbsp
Bread crumbs - 2 tbsp (opt)

How to make Microwave Potato Au Gratin

MW slashed potato for 4 mins. Soak in water and peel the outer skin.

Chop into thin slices.

MW a mw mug with butter and 2 tbsp milk for 30 secs

Remove and add the sliced potatoes, all purpose flour, salt and rest of the milk, saving a tablespoon of milk for the final cooking.

MW for a minute. remove and mix well. Add grated cheese, bread crumbs if you are adding and a tbsp of milk, sprinkle pepper on top and MW again for a minute.

Remove and serve right away.

Take precaution before digging in, as the potato will be very hot. 

You can make it without bread crumbs as well.

Total cooking time is only about 2 - 3 mins, depending on your MW.

You could sprinkle red chili flakes as well if you want.

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Microwave Eggless Chocolate Cake

>>  Friday, July 17, 2015

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For the third week of BM#54, I will be doing an interesting theme that will have recipes suitable for Dorm. The idea was suggested by Varada who's daughter would be using these recipes. So I wanted to cover recipes that would be suitable for dorms that will have basic gadgets to cook these dishes. Since getting everything suitable for that theme, I thought we could do Easy School Recipes, some Single Serve Dorm Recipes or just Microwave Dishes. 

Today's Eggless Chocolate Cake is a relatively easy dish to make. It gets done in flat 3 -4 mins, depending on your Microwave. I did mine under 4 mins, felt I should have removed it by 3. So for safer side, let me say this gets cooked by 3 mins. I also made a dark chocolate ganache. However kids using this recipe can just make the basic chocolate cake and enjoy. 

Eggless Microwave Chocolate Cake

Ingredients Needed:

All purpose Flour / Maida - 1 1/2 cup
Cocoa powder  - 3 tbsp 
Milk - 1 cup 
Sugar - 1 cup 
Lemon juice - 1 tbsp 
Olive Veg Oil - 3 tbsp 
Baking Powder - 1/4 tsp 
Baking Soda - 1/2 tsp 

Microwave safe bowl

How to make the MW Chocolate Cake 

Grease a microwave safe bowl with a dash of butter and keep it aside. 

Mix the sugar and milk till the sugar gets dissolved. 

Meanwhile add flour, cocoa powder, and fluff together. Then slowly add the olive oil and the milk mixture. Finally add the baking soda, baking powder and lemon juice. Gently blend and pour into the prepared bowl.

MW the cake for 2 mins. Rest and then again MW for a minute. 

Switch off and let it rest for 5 mins. The cake gets cooked after this as well. 

Serve chocolate slices or you can frost it with Ganache
Dark Chocolate Ganache

Dark Chocolate - 1 cup
Cream - 3/4 cup

How to make the Ganache

In a MW safe bowl, add chopped dark chocolate pieces, mw for 1 min. Then beat again and continue for another minute depending on how hard your chocolate is.
Switch off, if required MW for another min. You need the cream to boil. Remove and add the melted dark chocolate. Whisk well and let it cool.

As it thickens, pour on the chocolate cake.

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