Eggless Wheat Banana Tea Cake | How to make Eggless Wheat Banana Loaf

>>  Friday, July 3, 2015

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We are starting yet another new Blogging Marathon Edition, BM#54. for week 1 I will be continuing my Fruits all form for Kids. 

I know I have repeated myself quite, yet I need to say that cooking with fruits is a challenge for me. I could hardly come up with ideas. I was again and again coming back to the same old Banana cakes. I know I have few versions already on the blogs. And coming up with another version seem too boring. Yet I have a valid reason. 

Since I am thinking on lines to have good snacks that can be packed and still stay good over 8 hours for Konda, I wanted to select healthy options and especially tea cakes. I love the concept of Tea cakes, and would prefer it to be mildly sweet and crumbly. I have always loved the Britannia Tea Cake slices but have never tasted it as it doesn't come eggless. However I have touched the texture and wanted to replicate the same.

In the cake today, or as I prefer to say loaf, I have used wheat flour, honey and brown sugar. The cake turns out superb with mild sweetness, the banana flavour is more prominent, yet not too much. When it comes to selecting flours or selecting sugars, I do not actually preach anything. How you eat your cake or what healthy options you want, is your personal choice. 

However I use All purpose flour very regularly along with refined sugar as well. So as another alternate, I look out for bakes that turns out good with wheat flour/atta and other sweetness. In those terms, thos loaf is awseome. I adapted this recipe from Usha, who was inspired by Pavani, who was inspired by KAF cookbook. So you know this has come a long way. 

The best part of this cake was that, everybody at home were so much taken in by the taste, texture and everything about it. Trust me, since then, if an overripe banana is seen on the table, all of them have started suggesting that I bake this cake for them!


Eggless Wheat Banana Tea Cake

Ingredients Needed:

Wheat flour / Atta - 1 cup
Ripe, mashed Banana - 3/4 cup
Olive Oil - 4 tbsp
Brown Sugar - 4 tbsp / (1/4 cup)
Baking Soda - 1/2 + 1/4 tsp (3/8 tsp)
Salt a pinch
Cinnamon Powder - ¼ tsp.
Ground Nutmeg - 1/8 tsp.
Honey - 2 tbsp
Egg Replacer - 1 tbsp whisked in 3 tbsp water
Almonds, chopped -1  tbsp

How to make the Eggless Wheat Banana Tea Cake

Pre Heat the oven at 175 C.

In a bowl beat oil, sugar, cinnamon powder, nutmeg powder until smooth.

Add mashed banana, honey and egg replacer to oil mixture, and beat until smooth.

Fold in the flour and finally add the baking soda and little milk if required to get the dropping consistency.

Transfer to the baking loaf, top it with chopped almonds and bake at 175 C for 30 - 35 mins. Test for done-ness and let it cool before slicing. 


You could use unsalted butter instead of oil

Since wheat flour is used, do not beat it too much. Also adding Soda at the end will ensure your air pockets are safe.

Baking at 175C for 30 mins will ensure your batter has enough time to get cooked well. 

You could use chocolate chips and fold it into the batter as well.

Sending this to Harini, who is hosting my Kids Delight event, themed this edition on Fruits in all forms!

Check out the Blogging Marathon page for the other Blogging Marathoners doing this BM


Blogging Marathon # 55 - 3 Day Marathon for 4 weeks!

>>  Wednesday, July 1, 2015

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This announcement is for August 2015, so everybody has a month's time to get prepared. Then it will be time for the Mega BM during September. Time surely flies!

Before going into the new themes, here are the links to some of the BM related pages.

The current 2015 BM details can be found in the Blogging Marathon Page.
If you want to check out older BM details, check the BM Archives
If you are new and want to join us, check out the BM Guidelines and Rules

Now lets move on to the August month themes.

Since we have a month to prepare, please avoid doing last minute posting, prepare ahead and schedule, which should give you enough time to read the fellow participating blogger's post in leisure.

I also decided I will be little more strict in handling late posts. I know real life sometimes becomes very tough to manage. However if you know it is going to be so, please do not sign up. I will understand. But if you are signing up, then I expect you to be prompt in posting and reading fellow BM blogs.

For details on BM held every month, check out the Blogging Marathon page. Once I get all details I will be updating this page. Bloggers taking part in this marathon need to just link back to the BM page.

The entry is again by Sign ups and each theme will again have only 4 bloggers on first come first basis. 

And because of the new rules I will not be able to accept late sign ups as it will become extremely hard for me to manage otherwise. If you feel you want to do it, please decide ahead, else you can join later.

Commenting on the participating bloggers post is mandatory.

And subscription to the group will be monthly basis. 

If you want to know how the Blogging Marathon started, read the first edition

So the dates will be:  
3, 4, 5 August 
10, 11, 12 August
17, 18, 19 August
24, 25, 26 August

Please email me at latest by 08th July along with your theme.

FYI:  Requests to join after 08th July will not be accepted.

Mandatory rules for this Blogging Marathon are as below:
  • Should take up 2 weeks of BM without fail. It can be any two weeks.
  • Will have to post on all 3 days with 2 weeks without fail
  • You cannot take the same themes, except for the different Kid's Delight theme.
  • Should follow the accepted theme all 3 days, meaning if you choose one topic like Rice, you should post all rice based recipes all 3 days.
  • Should link to the Blogging Marathon page.
  • Is expected to actively give feedback on others post.
  • Mandatory reading and commenting on fellow participating member.
Each theme can be selected by four bloggers on first come first bases. 

Other rules will be mailed to the individuals.

Themes for BM # 55th will be the following:

Kid's Delight theme ensures my Kid's Delight event, guest hosted by other bloggers gets good entries. Since the event is 16th - 15th every month, we have two different themes happening for BM in a month. And you have the choice of doing two different themes. 

Kid's Delight - Cooking from Kids Story Books/TV shows (3,4,5 and 10,11,12)
Kid's Delight -  (17,18,19 and 24,25,26)

Please note all entries for Kid's Delight theme have to be kid approved. The dish can be either approved by your own kid, your young relatives, neighbors or even something that you enjoyed as a kid. Do remember to mention the age group of the kid, so that it becomes easy for others.

Kid's Delight - Cooking from Kids Story Books/TV shows (3,4,5 and 10,11,12) 

The 1st and 2nd week of August will be hosted by PJ with theme"Cooking from Kids Story Books/TV shows". She will be announcing this event on her blog by July 15th. The entries submitted should come from a Kids fiction.

Kid's Delight - Healthy Breakfast (17,18,19 and 24,25,26)  Theme Filled up for both weeks

The 3rd and 4th week of August will be hosted by Lavina Agarwal, themes on "Healthy Breakfast" She will be announcing the event on her blog by August 16th with theme  So dish out all healthy breakfast approved by your kid and send to the event!

Healthy Family Dinners

As the theme name says, cook any 3 healthy dinners with your family and share with us. The choice is yours and there is no restriction on what you cook. Obviously I would expect something elaborate yet healthy for your folks.

Cook 3 Stuffed Pastas

I know we have been cooking lot of Italian off late, I thought we still have a long way to go in covering the wonderful cuisine. So in the same lines, I thought I could ask you all to cook 3 stuffed Pastas. For ideas, check out this page.

Nutella Galore

I know I am partial to Chocolate, however ever since knowing Nutella, its become a family favorite, or atleast my kids. So why not make more with the Nutella and enjoy. The star ingredient is Nutella and I would expect you to cook a dish featuring this sauce.

Make in a muffin

I love mini and single servings. That's exactly what you can do, when you start cooking in a muffin. The dishes can be sweet, dessert or main dish as well.  You could get as creative as you can.

French Cuisine

Select the french cuisine and do one category a day. All three days should not be the same.

No-Bake Desserts

No Bake Dessert refers to anything that's served as a dessert and not involves baking. It could be no bake cheese cake or bars or anything that you could think of.

Special Theme - BM Bookmarked

It can be anything bookmarked, so check your bookmarks and cook them away!

This special theme is open for those who do all the first three weeks.

Please spread the details if you want your friends to be part of this marathon.

Let's gear up for another non stop blogging!


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